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20 Jun 2016

Chip Resetter

Some printer manufacturers, including Canon, HP, Epson and Lexmark, put a chip within their inkjet or toner cartridges. This chip is attached to the circuitry in printer and alerts an individual that the ink will come to an end. The chip records droplet count data and tracks ink usage. Some chips set an expiration date (compared to the date of manufacture) and disable the printer cartridge following this date even though it remains full.

reset epson L1800 printer

Printer manufacturers report that the chip technology adds value for their cartridges and so the customers will be warned of low ink (even if your cartridge contains a substantial level of ink). This makes sure that print quality might be maintained. Consumer advocates think otherwise.

Once the chip detects the cartridge is short of ink, it disables the printer though your cartridge may well not really be empty. The chip will still keep you from completing your printing and can display a note that you're away from ink. The existence of this chip will even stop your printer from recognizing the refill within the same OEM cartridge as it can certainly only recall the volume of ink printed. The chip also recognizes vacation cartridges when installed and provides you a warning message to cause you to feel that installing a 3rd party cartridge may damage the printer, although it happens rarely.

To resolve these complications caused by the existence of additional chips in your cartridge, chip re setters are generally used. Chip Re setter erases every one of the data within the toner cartridge chip from previous use so the cartridge may be reborn to some fresh state. You should use chip re setter to reset the cartridge when it is refilled or in the event the cartridge is near the expiration date. Therefore, you can preserve on buying cheaper compatible cartridges or refill kits rather than the expensive OEM cartridges.

The way you use a chip resetter

If you use refill kits in the cartridges of one's printer, you will receive a stern warning message that says ink levels are low. The most effective way to avoid this message from appearing is always to reset the micro chip on the cartridge through the use of sometimes a chip Resetter made particularly for your branded printer or by using a universal chip resetter. The whole process of resetting the chip is fairly easy. It will take almost couple of minutes to perform.

1. Remove the cartridge form your printer; get rid of the chip Resetter through the plastic piece present around the chip Resetter pins.
2. Line up the metal tabs (situated on the backside) for the ink cartridge together with the metal pins of chip Resetter.
3. Press and retain the chip resetter on the cartridge and so the tabs along with the pins connect. A red light sets out to blink don and doff. Retain the cartridge and chip reset tool involved prior to the green light blinks. Or press the cartridge in the chip resetter and hold it there before light happens.
4. Some of it cartridge is currently willing to print. Set it up back into your printer with the accessing panel. Then turn the printer on. Open an exam document and pick "File" and after that "Print" to evaluate the cartridge.
Chip Resetter

reset epson L1800 printer


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